Judith Babirye – Halleluya (Album) 


Halleluya - Album by Judith Babirye | SpotifyIn the vibrant realm of Ugandan Gospel, , stands out as a trailblazing artist, and his latest musical offering, the ”Judith Babirye – Halleluya (Album), is a testament to his prowess. This eagerly anticipated release has captivated fans and critics alike with its blend of rhythmic beats and soulful lyrics.

Stream and Download all old and latest new songs by Judith Babirye – Halleluya (Album) in audio Mp3 format below:

Track 1 – Halleluya| DOWNLOAD MP3

Track 2 – Yansumulula | DOWNLOAD MP3

Track 3 – Webazenga | DOWNLOAD MP3

Track 4 – Mukama Yemusumba | DOWNLOAD MP3

Track 5 – Omwoyo Wa Mukama| DOWNLOAD MP3

Track 6 – Omwoyo Omutukuvu | DOWNLOAD MP3


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